During the last 150 years we turned 60 times more productive. In other words, to provide the same amount of goods, now we need to work just 8 minutes a day.

At the same time, daily we are getting as much information, as people 150 years ago were getting during the whole life. This is a blog about an information making you productive.

In my own experience, books have breaking big ROI: every dollar I spent for a book gives me about 8 dollars back. For a knowledge I got from some books so far I’d be ready to pay all my wages I making in three months.


Books are not something changing people’s lives to the whole centuries. They are something making next centuries come faster.


For whom is this blog?


An internet is a weird place. A girl wants to be appreciated for being her mind, not for her appearance. She makes seven Instagram pictures a day and she has no Livejournal or LinkedIn account. There are literally tens of millions of people claiming they are adore reading, but there are very few blogs about books.


The age we are living in is the best age ever. Never yet people had an opportunity to choose a life partner from hundreds of millions of options all over the world. Never yet people could make find a job wherever they are.

There are over seven billion of people on the Earth, and each of us can choose whatever we like to.