It’s the very first book I will talk about. It could be more logical to write about the last one I have read, but I ‘ll do it in another way. The book I will talk about clearly showing that to not have something is almost as good as have something. And sometimes even better.

I already mentioned earning the same amount of good we had 150 years ago now we should work for 8 minutes a day. In fact, the modern first world is a space with unlimited resources. If you will imagine your life like a cafe with a plenty of dishes and yourself as a visitor with unlimited pay account you will be close to the truth. You can get whatever you want, and the only limit is your stomach’s volume. The only limit of life of people in XXI century’s first world is time and attention.

Those of you who had musical classes at school for sure remember: notes out of playing as much important as notes you must play. Because their absence affects as much as their presence.


Than bigger is your company than more difficult to change its structure. A big and powerful ship can bring a lot, but very often it’s too big to go through a small strait to achieve a treasure island. Therefore small companies often are much more productive and useful than a big one.

It’s not only about a business. Take off something from your life and you will see how will it changes. Even if it’s a thing does not affect to anything. Try to stop drinking your coffee, and you will see that life can change in some really unexpected life field.

Quite interesting that a book includes 80 pages only and costs as much as books with over 350 published by the same publishing. It just proves authors follow their positions themselves.


Straight after reading the book, you will get:

  1. A lot of extra free time and energy
  2. A redistribution of your life power
  3. An understanding of reasons of your past fails
  4. A strategy of your lifestyle, career, and business suitable for XXI century. Especially good that over 99% of people around you still have no idea about that.




For sure you can find a summary of the book and read it faster, but I strongly recommend reading this and other books completely. In this article, I explain why.