Have you ever heard a cellulose are not digesting in our GIT stomach at all? At the same time, a normal ration includes about 40% of a cellulose. Does it mean cellulose is useless? A presence of a cellulose in a GIT helps to absorb proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins even though it does not take part in a process – it just increases a common mass of food in a stomach.

The same about books. Most of the information there does not make a sense itself, but without it, it’s not possible to absorb one you really need.


Another example to make it clear. When we listen to someone, a content of a person’s speech affects only in 8%. Other 92% determined by WHO speaks and HOW that person does it. It’s also fair about books. Usually, every book chapter contains only one idea, but to realize it in a right way you really need a context. It is similar to books: to realize something in a right way, you really need a context. By the way, it is a reason why such a lot of people are skeptical about self-development books. The consider the majority of its ideas are obvious. Could be, but the same sentence told in a different context with different narrative has extremely different meaning.

I’d even say more. Quite often the same book read several times is several different books. Therefore my bookshelf includes books I have read over 5 times. And every time I was finding something new for myself. A book could be the same, but every time it was read by different me.