Despite a title, this book is the most useful for those who have several tasks at the same time.


For whom: multitaskers; productivity seekers.

What you will achieve: more structured and productive job skills; decreasing of stress; new feelings in ordinary things.

Answers to questions:

  1. How to work less and achieve more?
  2. How to feel less stress?
  3. How to get deeper emotion from pleasant things?



Just got this book as a gift from a publishing I regularly buy books in.

Quite strange that a cover of the translated version of the book is much more special than the original one.



I was curious about a book and I would buy and read it anyway. In fact, an opportunity to achieve a real concentration is one of the key things to achieve your productivity. In a list of the book changed my life I mention one of the books about it. By the way, if you still did not get it, don’t forget to subscribe.

The spine is tiny, but it is able to pierce a tissue. Because a pressure is focused on a peak. If you will push the same tissue by finger you will not pierce it even if you will push 10 times stronger. It’s actually the crucial thing you need to know about a single-tasking.


Personally, me being a person likes an idea of single-tasking even before reading the book. Probably it’s even a point I was curious about it. I would say a book will be useful to those who still believe in myths of multitasking. But those who don’t also will find something interesting for them. For example, a reaction of the nervous system to multi- and singletasking or methods of reading. It includes some practical method of singletasking during ordinary working days.


There are also answers to some questions literally everyone is caring about:

  1. How to decrease devices and social media influence in your life?
  2. How to avoid intrusive communication?
  3. How to show people they are really important for you if you are really busy now?

It’s just about 150 pages, so its completable during one day or even one time. Try to make a reading of the book your first single task. And enjoy it!