Do you know why do the most of the human beings are unhappy? At the world of choice, you can choose whatever kind of information you would like to see. However, people still choose negative one nine times more likely. Why?

It’s our ancestor’s heritage. To survive they had to notice poison snakes and dangerous predators. To notice that was much more important than to notice fruit trees or a wildfowl. Therefore those, whose brains reacted to negative information more likely were survived. And now, thousands of years after, we have to live with their type of brains.

Our world is quite safe, and nowadays it’s even more dangerous to react on negative information than to not react on it. Therefore, it’s important to know how to protect yourself.

Self-protection is not about something casual. A guarantee of safe increases your productivity. If you are sure the project you are working on leading to success, you will work harder and will be more excited about it. One of the biggest problems of our generation is a motivation. So, additional guarantee always means additional motivation. Therefore, this book looks important for absolutely everyone.



For whom: everyone

What you will achieve: additional safe and motivation

Answer the questions: how to stay safe in any condition



Some people may feel themselves even more unsafe during the reading because there are quite a lot of information about hidden alerts we could face any day. At the same time, there is enough information about the protection of yourself even in case of kidnapping or chasing by armed group people. It also teaches some interesting stuff you may share about.


  1. How to any break a knot on your hands
  2. How to open any locked door
  3. How to start a car without keys
  4. How to make a sudden 180 grades turn of a car you are driving

Even in case you are living in a monastery and pretty sure your life and property are safe and will be like that, it’s quite interesting information to share with others.


In one hand the information is useful enough to be studied at schools. At the same time, if everyone will know about that, criminals and terrorists will become more inventive. So, learn it yourself and share with people who matter to you.