The book changed my ideas about the most important thing for billions of people – about love. It’s also changed an idea of love as the most important thing ever.

I used to believe in a real pure true love. I used to believe I will meet a right person once – a person who will make me forget any other. This book made me realize something important.

It is not easy to see the world without love glasses. In fact, its look in a similar way like you see your own limb affected by gangrene. It is your hand, you love it, it is difficult to imagine your life without it. But if you will not amputate it, all your body will become infected and you will die. The only difference is that instead of love you can earn a lot of other beautiful things in your life.


For whom: everyone

What you will achieve: a look to romantical love from another perspective

Answer the questions: why the majority of people are not so happy in relationship than they are supposed to be

When I am talking about this book with others, some people consider it’s a brainwash. If you have the same kind of feeling, I will tell you: it is not like that at all. First, authors themselves consider life in harmony is not possible without love. Also, during reading you just compare books ideas with your past and present relationship and then you realize how much is it true.

Have you ever think every couple has it a strong one and a weak one? The weak one is those who loves more, the strong one – those who more. This is actually the most important fact you should know about the romantical relationship.

Other things are also smashing romantic love’s myths. Try to follow couples around you for a while. How much partners appreciate an attention from their partner comparingly with other people’s attention? In fact, than longer couple together, than less they appreciate an attention from each other and than more – from others. Especially if we are talking about strong partners of their couples.


This book helps to build a pure and harmonic relationship without fairy-tales and impossible ideas.

A sex in a real life cannot be like a sex in an adult movie. Try to imagine the world people try to do that. The same also with love. It cannot be like in melodrama. And it should not be like that. If we want a survivable romantical relationship, it supposed to be a relationship able to survive also without romantic.

If you dream about a family with a romantic love for good you may continue to dream. If you want to have it, better to read this book and make a conclusion.

If this book would be included in a school program, I am pretty sure a number of happy couples around us would be much bigger.